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What is Cork Leather?

Cork leather is produced by bonding thin slices of natural cork to a textile base, producing a fabric that is velvet soft, stain-resistant, hard to scratch and waterproof!

Cork fabric can be used for the same applications as leather, but without the toxic tanning process, and of course with no need to kill animals.

The cork itself is a renewable material, which grows back after being harvested. Some cork trees are hundreds of years old. Some refer to cork fabric as “vegan leather”.

In addition to handbags, cork fabric is used for leather applications such as shoes and furniture. The luxurious look and feel is every bit the equal of animal leather. For example, Mercedes Benz used cork leather to upholster the interior of their stunning F-700 concept sedan.

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Cork leather can be dyed, silk screened or hand-painted, offering amazing colors and styles for handbag designers (like me!)…

Cork leather is long wearing, easy to clean feels butter-soft and looks great! The best cork leather comes from Portugal, so that is the primary source of this wonderful material for handbags made by Crazy Bird Threads.

Shane Bracewell